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Cortez Pearl VIP Harvest 2016

by Douglas Diego Mc Laurin Moreno |

Again we have this special moment, as expected... the annual harvest of pearls from the sea of Cortez. And in the year 2016, we had the blessing of receiving two very special groups of friends and lovers of this beautiful Mexican Gem:

#1: A group of personalities from the city of Mexico, together with our partner and friend Emilio Nassar, in addition to the team from "BeLive" magazine joined us for this very special VIP event.

VIP guests from BeLive Magazine & Pearl Farm's Associates

#2: A large group of students from the Mexico chapter of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA - Chapter Mexico City), to enjoy what is referred as a "Pearl Safari". In this group we had the honor of having the presence of the President of GIA-Mexico and the IGARM (Institute of Gemology of Mexico): Diana Benoit Seegrove, designer Tania Maria, Melissa Villareal (President of the Monterrey chapter of the GIA) and also an authority within GIA and the world of gems: the renowned photographer and author Robert Weldon.

Both groups were pleased to participate first in a special Tour to the Pearl farm, offered personally by Enrique Arizmendi Castillo (founder of the farm), then to another special event with Jose Manuel Nava Romo (also founder): the traditional tribute of the Gulf of California of casting/releasing of pearls into the Sea ceremony; then finally off to the harvest of pearls with the our Company’s Manager, Guillermo Soberón Chávez and, last but not least, off with Douglas McLaurin-Moreno (last of the founders) to close this much anticipated event.
Enrique at the Pearl Farm Tour
Enrique during the Pearl Farm Tour.

Lunch time at the Cortez Pearl Harvest VIP event
BeLive magazine team enjoying our Special VIP lunch

At the end of this special moment, we had a variety of refreshing drinks and a delicious snack of fresh snacks: pasta with skewers of shrimp, shrimp salad, fresh tuna tostadas, scallops filled with seafood & vegetables, jicama tacos filled with fresh vegetables...a delight that did not leave anyone unhappy, but with a face of utter satisfaction!

Finally we had a little explanation about the unique properties of the pearls from the sea of Cortez in our jewelry, where in addition the guests could buy our beautiful national gems, unset or mounted in jewelry.

Images from the VIP Harvest Event 2016
The "Pearl Safari" apart had the opportunity of attending a very interesting talk with Robert Weldon, by reason of his new book "Splendour & Science of Pearls" (it does not even goes on sale but we already have a copy autographed here). I think that it is the first time that Guaymas has a talk at this level in this area of knowledge.

These VIP events were really special... something that not anyone has the opportunity to do, but the event is also made with guests... with whom they come and give life to the event, so thanks to all of you who were part of such special events: thank you!

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