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2020 Cortez Pearl Harvest

by Fernando Guzman |  | 1 comment

This year, we have been blessed with an incredibly beautiful production of Cortez Pearls, some might not believe it but, this 2020 Harvest has topped 2019 by a lot. Officially the most colorful and lustrous pearls of all time, wait until you see them. None of this would have ever happened without the hard work of our team. Our gratitude for you all for allowing this to happen one more time.

Different from last year, this summer we did not have any visitors at the farm, and our harvest event was forcefully just our team- but there is always a way to show the rest of the world what we do. We shared a live stream on our Facebook, we wanted everyone to live with us this amazing moment.
We thank everyone who joined our ceremony, we feel so happy to have our work pay off, thank you nature, thank you team, thank you world for all your blessings.

Until today, this has been the best harvest EVER!  Exceeding our goal in numbers, and discovering so many new precious pearls, of different shapes, colors and sizes, like never before.

There is no doubt that the Sea of ​​Cortez is privileged to have a fascinating pearl oyster that produces the most beautiful colored pearls in the world. And much of it, is due to the time of dedication and care that is given to each of our oysters during this wonderful process.

We are so happy to finally make it to our 21st commercial harvest- we still remain as the first and only commercial pearl farm in the American continent, and the only ones to produce loose cultured pearls from Rainbow Lip Oysters.

Last year our production was stunning, we had never had so many clean, colorful and lustrous pearls before, the best one until this year. 
This year we can say the results were:

  • Pearls with better shape, better symmetry and cleaner surfaces.
  • Baroque pearls have more attractive shapes and textures.
  • Greater intensity and variety of colors, including green and yellow, that had not been seen in years, most of them with amazing metallic colors with impressive brightness.
  • On average we produce 4,000 pearls and 4,000 mabes every year, sure we have had bad years, but this year, we obtained 6,580 Pearls and the mabes are still to be included. The best harvest we have ever had!

We are certainly happy to share some good news amidst of all the complexities of the current situation.

The Pearl is the gem that the XXIst century needs. Marine pearl farming is the only gem production that gives such a great service for the surrounding ecosystem, by serving as a refugee, as an artificial reef for other fishes and shellfishes, a center of reproduction for native pearl oysters, and it channels human energy into interacting with nature thus reducing a more predatory approach.

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  • Jackie richard on April 20, 2022

    Love pearls

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