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Our company is proud to present itself as the first commercial saltwater cultured pearl farm in the Americas, and as the only pearl oyster farm in the world which cultivates its pearls using a unique pearl oyster: the "Rainbow Lipped Pearl Oyster" or Pteria sterna.

 Cortez Pearls® are some the finest cultured pearls in the world, thanks to their thick nacre and unusual natural colors: opalescent silver, grays, gold/bronze, blue/cyan, emerald/olive green, purple/violet, and black, but always with various Overtones: pink, violet, blue and green.

Cortez Pearls® are the most exotic cultured pearls in the world due in no small part to 1) their limited annual production (4 thousand pearls) and 2) of our Quality standards. There are really few who can boast of having one of these rare gems with 100% Fair Trade backing and All-Natural beauty.

Cortez Pearls® are not simply a gem, an accessory or a company: it is a concept that integrates the Pearl, with its History, Environmental protection and the Person who acquires and wears one of our unique pearls.

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