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  • Granja de Perlas del Mar de Cortez
  • Bahia Bacochibampo SN interior Tec de Monterrey Fracc. Lomas de Cortes, Guaymas, Sonora, México CP 85450
  • Phone: +52 (622) 221 0136
  • Email:

Cortez Pearl Farm Location


Sustainably Farming at its Heart

Cortez Pearls® are not simply a gem, an accessory or even a company: it is a concept that integrates the Pearl, with its History, Environmental protection and the Person who acquires and wears one of our unique pearls.

We invite you to become involved.

We would like to share with you our guidelines to make our project part of sustainable, fair trade gems. You can download at the following link:

We are very proud of being part of two groups that showcase gems produced under ethical guidelines.

These are honest efforts that promote the discussion about which are the best practices, so that we keep improving in the way we relate to our community and our environment, be sure to visit their pages: Fair Trade Gems and Sustainable Pearls.