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Setting Cortez Pearls in Jewelry

by Michelle Márquez |

Quality and Security on each piece of jewelry we offer is our main compromise and to keep the pearls in place we secure them with a post doing the following process.

1st. 1st. Our jewelry pieces have a strong post of at least 0.7 mm which reaches the center of the pearl -except for those that are linked in a chain-.

2nd. We drill the pearl with a bit of the same size of the post. It is only a half-drill as opposed to what is done for a pearl necklace where every pearl needs to be full drilled.

3rd. As an extra step, we make a incisions on the surface of the post so that our special glue attaches well toe pearl to the post. With these processes, the pearl is safely secured and will hardly come off its mounting.

On the other hand, Mabe Pearls need different safety measures. Here we don't need a post, instead a bezel is set around the Mabe Pearl to keep it in place. Our bezels are handmade to fit the exact size and shape of the Mabe Pearl.

So, with proper care, your pearl will keep its natural beautiful colors forever. If you want to learn more about "How to take care of your Cortez Pearl" go to:

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