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Cortez Pearl News - January to May 2019

by Douglas Diego Mc Laurin Moreno |

New Cortez Mabe Pearls shown at GJX Tucson Gem Show!

This last February we had a group of 200 new Cortez Mabe Pearls for Sale and display...and what made these so Special????

Large Pinctada mazatlanica Blister Pearl from the Pearl Farm in Guaymas

They were produced using Sustainable, farm-raised Mexican Black-Lip Pearl Oysters (Pinctada mazatlanica). Their main colors were Silvery-Gray with overtones of Green, and some had very large sizes! Very limited production of these pearls will be produced from time to time for your enjoyment and for serious pearl collectors


VIP Cortez Pearl Harvest 2019 are Open!

This year's VIP Cortez Pearl Harvest will be -as always- limited to just a handful of groups. A specialized Tour will depart from Tucson, AZ, to come and visit for 2 full days. Contact us for more information!

VIP Pearl Harvest Event


16th Annual Sinkankas Symposium

It was an HONOR for Cortez Pearls to have been invited to Present at this year's Annual Sinkankas Symposium this year -honoring our beloved Gem: the PEARL - alongside such great researchers, designers and pearl connoisseurs & experts such as: Elisabeth Strack, Blaire Beavers, Betty Sue King, Bill Larson, Chunhui Zhou, Stuart Robertson, Hisano Shepherd, Donna Dirlam and Jeremy Shepherd. And much THANKS to the Gemological Association of San Diego, to GIA and Robert Weldon for the invitation.

The Pearl Symposium was held on April 27th at GIA's Robert Mouwabad Campus in Carlsbad, California.

GIA's Robert Weldon at the inauguration of the Sinkankas Symposium


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