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October 22nd: Mining Congress and The Catamaran´s Visit.

by Fernando Guzman |

This year we participated in the second Gems and Minerals Show that was held in Hermosillo as part of the 14th International Mining Congress in Sonora. The Show took place at the Cineteca, amazing area with great natural light that favors our colorful pearls.
This was a public event focused in learning about the wonders of nature exhibited at the show.
On the other hand, we received in our facilities, for the first time, a group of visitors at the farm by sea.

They arrived on the catamaran Oasis II, starting fom Marina, San Carlos until docking at the pearl farm. They made their descent very enthusiastic to learn about the cultivation process and the beautiful rainbow pearls we produce here in Guaymas, Mexico.

It was a great experience for the group, and of course for us too. We hope to receive more groups like this.

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